Arta is a prefecture situated in the southern part of Epirus. It borders with Aitoloakarnania to the south, Karditsa and Trikala to the east, Ioannina to the north and Preveza to the west. The most well-known mountains are Tzoumerka and Valtos Mountains. Arta is also famous for the oranges the area produces. The main rivers are Acheloos, Arachthos and Louros.

The most famous landmark of Arta is the Old Bridge situated in the entrance of the city over Arachthos River but apart from this, Arta has many important Byzantine churches dating back to the glorious Byzantine past of the area when it was part of the Despotate of Epirus. The most significant of them are: the church of St. Theodora, the church of Vlacherna and Panagia Parigoritissa. Although the region is mainly mountainous there are some beaches on the south facing the Ambracian Gulf, while the main attractions of the region are the mountain range of Tzoumerka and Arachthos river where you can enjoy the beautiful landscape and a walk in nature.